Sites Visited


I’ve divided up the sites I’ve visited according to the trip on which I visited them; 2008-09 (red), 2009-10 (brown), 2011 (green), 2012 (yellow), 2013 (black), 2014 (olive), 2015 (purple), 2016 (blue), 2017 (orange). Sites that have been featured in a post will contain a link to that post in the details.



The classifications for museums are a little arbitrary and personal opinion based, other than the national museums (blue) and on-site museums (purple). As far as what differentiates a major (green), mid-range (red), and minor (yellow) museum largely comes down to the size of the collection and time I needed to see it. Generally speaking, I used the guidelines of roughly under an hour for minor, between one and two hours for mid-range, and over two hours for major. It mainly just serves as a means of breaking the museums up into groupings, rather than any real qualitative analysis of the museum. As with sites, museums featured in completed posts will have a link.